Method and cost of shipping products

For the fastest and most reliable transport of the products from our store, the courier companies ELTA “Porta-Porta” and SPEEDEX have been chosen. Thus, customers have the possibility to choose the carrier that serves them best. does not charge shipping costs for purchases of 50.00 euros or more, regardless of the weight of the order and the distance provided for the delivery of the products within Greece. For purchases under 50.00 euros, with the ELTA “door-to-door”, for delivery within Kilkis the cost up to 2 kg is 2.78 euros, and for additional 2 kg the cost is 3.89 euros, for delivery to another city, the cost up to 2 kg is 5.28 euros and for additional 1 kg the cost is 5.42 euros. For purchases under 50.00 euros, with SPEEDEX, for delivery inside and outside Kilkis, the cost is 3.10 euros up to 2 kilos and for an additional 1 kilo the total cost is 4.22 euros (for each additional kilo the cost is 1.12).

Within Kilkis, the delivery of the order is made the next day, in other cities the delivery is made in 1 to 3 working days, through courier companies. In any case, the customer will receive in his e-mail the shipment number, so that he can follow the progress of the shipment through the official platforms of the courier companies. For any possible delay due to force majeure, (such as extreme weather, strike, etc.) that extend the delivery date, bears no responsibility.

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