Product payment methods

The online store offers the following payment methods for the products: a) by cash on delivery, b) by deposit into a bank account and c) by credit/debit card.

a) Cash on delivery

The customer has the possibility to pay the employee of the courier company when the products are delivered to his place. For shipments with cash on delivery, the additional fee amounts to 2.78 euros via ELTA “door-to-door” and 2.11 via SPEEDEX.

b) By depositing into a bank account



Account number: 0026.0130.22.0201084572

IBAN: GR5302601300000220201084572

You should write the name or number of the order on the bank deposit document, and it should be sent by e-mail or the store should be informed by phone. If the deposit is not completed within two days, then the order is automatically cancelled. The cost of the bank commission is borne by the customer. Contact phone: +30 23410 76530, e-mail:

c) By credit/debit card

Credit/debit card payment possible through EUROBANK’s secure payment environment.

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