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Welcome to the website e-oneirokosmos.gr, which is an online store for the sale of retail products via the Internet, which operates to provide sales services from the store under the brand name “DARA ALEXANDRA” and the distinct title “ONEIROKOSMOS”, with headquarters in KILKIS at street 241 Iouniou 21,with VAT No.: EL150812228, with email address info@e-oneirokosmos.gr and online store service phone number +302341076530.

The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the e-oneirikosmos.gr online store. Each visiting user who visits and transacts or uses the services of the online store is deemed to consent and accept unconditionally and without any exception the following terms set forth herein. Therefore, every user/visitor of the online store must carefully read these terms before using this website. If any user is not in accordance with these conditions, then he must at his own risk refrain from visiting and using this website, as well as from any use or transaction of the services provided by the online store.

General terms

The store reserves the right to freely modify, renew or upgrade the terms and conditions of use and transactions of the online store, regarding its identity and the transactions provided without prior notification to the user, but by informing the users of any change through the pages of this online store. The user is invited to check the content of the terms and conditions of use for possible changes. The continued use of e-oneirokosmos.gr, even after any changes, means the unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions by the user/visitor.

Product description

The information provided by the e-oneirokosmos.gr website regarding the quality, quantity, main characteristics of the products is absolutely accurate and true. The photos and descriptions set by suppliers or partners are indicative and do not bind e-oneirokosmos.gr.

Product prices

The applicable price is the one indicated on each product. VAT is always included in the price of each product. The user/customer always pays the cost indicated during his order. e-oneirokosmos.gr reserves the right to modify the prices and description of the products at any time, without having the obligation to inform the consumer public. Changes to the terms and conditions of use are not taken into account for orders that are already in progress.

Product Availability

The listed availability on the products is indicative and not binding. In case of unavailability, e-oneirokosmos.gr guarantees to inform customers in a timely manner via e-mail within two (2) working days from the date of submission of the order, and bears no responsibility for their availability.

Product payment methods

The online store e-oneirokosmos.gr offers the following payment methods for the products: a) by cash on delivery, b) by deposit into a bank account and c) by credit/debit card.

a) Cash on delivery

The customer has the possibility to pay the employee of the courier company when the products are delivered to his place. For shipments with cash on delivery, the additional fee amounts to 2.78 euros via ELTA “door-to-door” and 2.11 via SPEEDEX.

b) By depositing into a bank account



Account number: 0026.0130.22.0201084572

IBAN: GR5302601300000220201084572

You should write the name or number of the order on the bank deposit document, and it should be sent by e-mail or the store should be informed by phone. If the deposit is not completed within two days, then the order is automatically cancelled. The cost of the bank commission is borne by the customer. Contact phone: +30 23410 76530, e-mail: info@e-oneirokosmos.gr

c) By credit/debit card

Credit/debit card payment possible through EUROBANK’s secure payment environment.

Method and cost of shipping products

For the fastest and most reliable transport of the products from our store, the courier companies ELTA “Porta-Porta” and SPEEDEX have been chosen. Thus, customers have the possibility to choose the carrier that serves them best.

e-oneirokosmos.gr does not charge shipping costs for purchases of 50.00 euros or more, regardless of the weight of the order and the distance provided for the delivery of the products within Greece. For purchases under 50.00 euros, with ELTA “door-to-door”, for delivery within Kilkis the cost up to 2 kg is 2.78 euros, and for an additional 2 kg the cost is 3.89 euros, for delivery to another city, the cost up to 2 kg is 5.28 euros and for an additional 1 kg the cost is 5.42 euros. For purchases under 50.00 euros, with SPEEDEX, for delivery inside and outside Kilkis, the cost is 3.10 euros up to 2 kilos and for an additional 1 kilo the total cost is 4.22 euros (for each additional kilo the cost is 1.12).

Within Kilkis, the delivery of the order is made the next day, in other cities the delivery is made in 1 to 3 working days, through courier companies. In any case, the customer will receive in his e-mail the shipment number, so that he can follow the progress of the shipment through the official platforms of the courier companies. For any possible delay due to force majeure, (such as extreme weather, strike, etc.) that extend the delivery date, e-oneirokosmos.gr bears no responsibility.

Order cancellation

The customer can cancel his order as long as it is in progress. In case the order has been sent and delivered by the courier company, then it is not possible to cancel it.

Withdrawal – Returns Policy

The customer has the possibility to return the products purchased from e-oneriokosmos.gr within 14 days from the day the customer or the third person indicated by the customer took possession of them, exercising the right of withdrawal, with the the condition that the product has not been used and is in excellent condition, as received, i.e. without its packaging having been tampered with and confirming that the special markings have not been removed. Only after the customer or the third party receives approval from the store can the procedures begin. Otherwise (ie, in the event that the customer starts the process without the approval of the store), the order will be returned and the shipping costs will be borne entirely by the customer. It is pointed out that the shipping costs for the order from e-oneirokosmos.gr to the customer and the shipping costs for the return of the product due to cancellation are borne by the customer. Also, the customer is responsible for transporting the product for return due to cancellation. e-oneirikokosmos.gr assumes responsibility for the transport of the product that is returned for reasons of withdrawal only when the customer informs the store and only after the cooperating courier company receives an order from our store to receive the product for return. In any case, the shipping costs for the return of the product to e-oneirikosmos.gr due to the customer’s withdrawal are borne by the customer.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer has the obligation to fill in and send the special “withdrawal form“, which is available on the e-oneirokomsos.gr website. The return of the products is not accepted unless the “withdrawal form” is completed and sent first. Also, the products that are returned must, necessarily, be accompanied by the original proof of purchase, be unused, in excellent condition, without any damage and with the packaging in the same condition as when it was received.

e-oneirokosmos.gr does not accept the return of products that do not meet the above conditions.

The refund to the customer is made within 8 working days from the date the store receives the products and only if they are in perfect condition. The refund is made to the customer’s bank account that he has declared in the special “withdrawal form”.

Defective products

In the event that the customer receives a defective or damaged product, he has the right to return the product he purchased and replace it with another product of the same value that he has paid or of greater value but with an additional charge if he wishes, within 14 calendar days from the day receipt of the product. In the case of a defective product, the shipping costs are borne by the store.

Product Changes

For purchases over 50.00 euros, changing a product for the first time only is free. In any other case, the customer bears the cost of sending the product that must be returned to the store, as well as the cost of receiving the new product, according to the rates applicable to shipping and cash on delivery costs. Also, the products that are returned must, necessarily, be accompanied by the original proof of purchase, be unused, in excellent condition, without any damage and with the packaging in the same condition as when it was received.

e-oneirokosmos.gr does not accept the return of products that do not meet the above conditions.

Limitations of Liability – Force Majeure

In the event that it is impossible to fulfill an order, e-oneirokosmos.gr has the right to withdraw from its fulfillment. In the event that he has paid the cost of the order, then e-oneirokosmos.gr proceeds to refund the entire amount that the customer has paid for the specific order by depositing it into the customer’s bank account. Also, the store is not responsible for the inability to fulfill its contractual obligations, when the inability is due to cases of force majeure, indicative such cases can be natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, network interruptions), sabotage, internet intruders, wars, legal strikes and other similar cases.

Also, the store does not guarantee the availability of the products listed in the online store, but informs customers about the unavailability in time and in this case bears no responsibility.

Links to other websites

The website of the online store e-oneirokosmos.gr may contain links to other websites, for which the store declines any responsibility. The store can provide these connections exclusively for the service and information of users.


Every user can browse the online store e-oneirokosmos.gr without providing any personal data. The data (name, e-mail address, residential address, telephone, etc.) provided by a user during his transaction with the online store are considered confidential.

The store collects personal data only if the user provides this information during the ordering process for the sale of products either by registering as a member or by registering as a simple visitor. This information may be your name, postal address, email address, telephone number and other relevant information. The user, when submitting his details, accepts the storage of his details and personal data by the store for the purposes of the online sale of the products of the e-oneirokosmos.gr online store.

The personal data that he makes available to the store when registering as a new member or when registering as a guest are used exclusively for the execution of transactions and communication regarding his transactions, applying the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016). The users’ personal data will not be disclosed or made public or sold to third parties in any way, with the exception of where provided by Law to the competent authorities only. All users reserve the right to be informed at any time about their personal data and to request deletion or express their objection and further processing of their data. More detailed information is given in the “privacy policy” of the e-oneirokosmos.gr online store, which is an integral part of these terms.


The main priority of the e-oneirokosmos.gr online store is the protection of the personal data of all users, as well as the protection of electronic transactions, and for this reason all the necessary measures are taken, with the most modern methods, to ensure the maximum possible security. All information related to the personal data of users and their transactions are safe and confidential.

The online store e-oneirokosmos.gr uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. The SSL protocol is a global internet standard that certifies websites for users and encrypts information between internet users and web servers. Any communication with SSL encryption requires that any information exchanged between a user and a server be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software. Με αυτό τον τρόπο προστατεύονται οι πληροφορίες κατά τη μεταφορά τους. At the same time, any information sent via the SSL protocol is protected by an automatic authentication mechanism to verify the authenticity of the data in transit, i.e. whether there has been a change in the data in transit.

Applicable law – Jurisdiction of courts

e-oneirokosmos.gr reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions. Each order placed through e-oneirokosmos.gr constitutes a contract for distance selling, which is governed by International and European Law through which issues related to electronic commerce are regulated, and by the Law on Consumer Protection (N. 2251/1994), as in force, and the legislative regulation with the PD 131/2003, for the regulation of electronic commerce and the KYA Z1-891/13-06-2013 for consumer rights.

Users have the right to place a valid order through the e-oneirokosmos.gr online store, as long as they are legally competent in compliance with the provisions of the Greek Civil Code (i.e., as long as they have reached the age of eighteen (18) and are not under legal guardianship regarding the conclusion of a contract of sale). e-oneirokosmos.gr reserves the right to claim the return from the supervisor or guardian of any orders that will be carried out by legally incompetent persons.

The Courts of Kilkis are exclusively competent for any dispute that may arise from the use of the website and from transactions carried out through it.

Intellectual Property Rights

The website, as well as all content, including the distinctive titles, marks, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts and all elements that are part of e-oneirokosmos.gr are intellectual property owned, controlled by, or licensed to, the company (DARA ALEXANDRA). The Website as a whole is protected by Greek, European and International Law.

The contents of the website (e-oneirokosmos.gr) and the website as a whole are intended exclusively for personal, non-commercial – except for the purchase of goods from the website – use by its users. You may download or copy the contents presented on the website for personal use only. No right, title or interest in any downloaded item and/or software is transferred to you as a result of such downloading and/or copying.

Any copying, transfer or creation of derivative works based on this content or misleading the public about the actual provider of the online store is prohibited. Reproduction, re-publication, uploading, posting, communication, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any manner or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written consent of the company or any other copyright holder.

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